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Thank you for your prayers for us as we take the gospel to our nation

Scripture is like a lion.  Whoever heard of defending a lion?

Just turn in loose;  it will defend itself.  

Charles Spurgeon

"He's my favorite preacher!  'Fascinated by Jesus Christ' is a good way to look at Christ ... because when you're fascinated with something or someone, you will spend all of your time learning about it, spending time with it, and it will eventually become your obsession ..."

 Taylor H #WILDS2014

Andy Gleiser Evangelistic Ministries "AGEM"
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for us!

  • The voice of the lord to be heard in its power and majesty through the preaching of his Word
  • The Lord would revive His church and breathe fresh life in His People
  • Our children might experience God answer their specific prayers
  • Safety and maintenance for our 2 vehicles on the road
  • Provision of several more church meetings for January - May 2018
God's Blessings ...