Evangelistic Ministries

 Testifying the Gospel of the Grace of God 

God has given us everything we need
4,000 Year Old Promise Prophecy  - The night King Jesus was born

O Holy Night   Luke 2: 1-20

Change You Can Believe In   II Peter 1: 1-11

Disciples of Jesus
must glory in
Where sin abounded;  GRACE did so much more!
The Bible is powerful;  Devour it and hunger for it ... Like your life depends upon it
Leading successful Christian Homes
Revolutionizing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The House that God Built   Psalm 127: 1-5

Crave the Word  I  Peter 2: 1-3

The Antioch Revolution   Acts 13: 1-3

Grace that is Greater than All Our Sin   Mark 16: 1-7