Evangelistic Ministries

 Testifying the Gospel of the Grace of God 

 Matt Herbster | Camp Director

    The WILDS Christian Camp |   Brevard, NC

     It is with great joy that I recommend to you Andy and Bryn Gleiser.  I have known Andy & Bryn since high school ... and it has been a thrill to watch them follow God's leading in their lives every step of the way.  I have been privileged to hear Andy speak on several occasions here at the Wilds, and we are planning on continuing to use him for our teen camps in the future.  Andy's countenance, encouragement, humility, kindness and genuine love for people will be very obvious to you the very first time you meet him.  This couple will be a blessing to the people in your church, and they will encourage you personally.   I will be thrilled if my sons and daughters grow up to represent Christ like Andy and Bryn.


  Dr. David Pennington |  Pastor for Administration

       Bible Baptist Church  |   Matthews, NC

     It is with great joy that I highly recommend  Andy Gleiser to you.  Andy and I served together in local church ministry for nearly a decade.  He is a man who loves God supremely and preaches God's Word with power.  If you are privileged to secure a meeting with him, you and your church ministry will be greatly blessed!


Todd Curtis | Senior Pastor  

     Burge Terrace Baptist Church |   Indianapolis, IN

     For thirteen years Andy Gleiser has faithfully served as the student ministry pastor at Burge Terrace Baptist Church.  The focus of his ministry philosophy rests upon the preaching of God's Word.  As a result, he has had a tremendous spiritual impact in the lives of hundreds of young people in our church.  Our students have come to dearly love Andy and his family.

     Andy is a gifted spirit-filled preacher of God's Word. He has an unquenchable passion to communicate God's truth.  Andy regularly preaches to our entire church family, and we have all been exceedingly blessed by his careful, accurate, effective exposition of Scripture.  The expansion of this blessing has reached many beyond our church as Andy has preached at numerous youth conferences, Christian camps, and retreats across the United States.

    Andy's wife, Bryn, has also been an incalculable blessing to our church.  She has faithfully served alongside Andy with a consistently sweet, servant-minded spirit.  Andy and Bryn have a godly marriage, and they are unquestionably committed to one another.  They have three wonderful children whom they are striving to rear according to biblical truth.

     I have the privilege of being Andy's pastor, but I also have the privilege of him being one of my closest friends.  I am completely convinced that God has uniquely equipped him to serve as an evangelist. 

     I recommend him to you wholeheartedly and without the slightest reservation.  He will be an incredible blessing to your ministry. 

I strongly encourage you to schedule a time in the near future for him and his family to minister in your church, school, camp, etc.  

     You will be glad you did!

 Bryan Samms | Pastor

         Harvest Baptist Church | Jacksonsville, FL

     I have had the privilege of knowing Andy Gleiser for many years;  He is a man of integrity ... A committed Christian husband, father, and preacher.  When I think of his ministry, one word comes to mind:  HEART.  Andy has a heart for God;  He has a heart for people;  A heart for preaching.  His ministry will reach the heart of your church, school, or camp.  If you want your people to be stirred for revival, use this fine evangelist.  I recommend him in the highest way and would encourage you to consider using him in your pulpit.