Disciples of Jesus
must glory in

Crave the Word  I  Peter 2: 1-3

The Bible is so powerful;  Devour it and hunger for it ... Like your life depends upon it

The Antioch Revolution   Acts 13: 1-3

    Revolutionizing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Evangelistic Ministries

 Testifying the Gospel of the Grace of God 


O Holy Night   Luke 2: 1-20

    4,000 Year Old Promise Prophecy - The night King Jesus was born

Change You Can Believe In   II Peter 1: 1-11

   God has given us everything we need

The House that God Built   Psalm 127: 1-5

   Leading successful Christian homes

Grace that is Greater than All Our Sin   Mark 16: 1-7

   Where sin abounded; GRACE did so much more!​